Visiting around Ninh Binh Machine Manufacturing Factory in Bich Dao Ward, City. What does Ninh Binh have?
9:35 - 14/04/2021 74

Machine manufacturing Ninh Binh - Model technology factory, is a pioneer in the mechanical industry with creative dynamism and passion for science and technology that has contributed many innovations to create the miracles of mechanical industry in Vietnam. This is also one of the few mechanical units specialized in machine manufacturing in Vietnam to be invested in the most modern technology line from West Germany and Japan, becoming a typical example in the mechanical industrial in Vietnam.

As a leader in the field of construction engineering, Ninh Binh Machine Manufacturing Factory is confident to be a leader in the manufacture, supply and production of No. 1 gantry crane in Vietnam. brings high quality products to meet the actual production needs of customers, comply with strict requirements according to international standards with load capacity up to 1200 tons, aperture up to 60m. , ...

Some key projects of national stature such as: Son La Hydropower, Hoa Binh Hydropower, Lai Chau Hydropower, Huoi Quang Hydropower, Sesan 3 Hydropower, Dong Nai 3 Hydropower, Dong Nai 4, Thuy Ban Chat Power, Hua Na Hydropower, ...

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