Learn about metal casting technology
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Metal casting technology is a technology to manufacture products by heating metal and then pouring into molds to create a material shaped like a sample.

Learn about metal casting technology


Metal casting gives us a high mechanical properties, casting products with less defects, a smooth surface that is resistant to hot cracking.

Currently, the market demand for casting products is very large, so it requires production units of casting products to always improve production technology to improve product quality.

Here are some common metal casting technologies:

Casting metal with dry mold

The advantage of metal casting by this method is easy to make, easy to use, the product has a low processing thickness, mold after solid hardening. But because of the sandy nature of metal casting by using this method only once, it cannot be reused for the second time.

Metal casting with fire molds

The nature of this method is that the mold is made from flammable materials, which are specialized foam, for molds into mold containers, pouring sand into, then pouring metal into molds, due to the special porous nature will burn and The metal will fill the details and form a model-like product.

Metal casting with Furan technology

Furan is a type of molded plastic adhesive that is very popular in Japan. The curing ability of Furan plastic compound and acid is very good, the product after forming has a smooth, high aesthetic surface. This is also a very popular method in foundry production facilities in Vietnam.

Preeminence of metal casting method

Metal casting produces a casting product withstands high pressure, good crack resistance, much more effective than traditional heat treatment method.

For castings, which are small details, there is no need to handle the cooling process because they have a high heat transfer property so they cool very quickly, very fine particle density. Castings solidify under the effect of gravity without any intervention by any method.

Whatever metal casting method is used, the mold always plays a major role in the casting process. Attention should be paid to cleaning the mold surface and drying the mold to ensure the heat reduction in metal casting.


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