What are the requirements for crane quotation?
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Usually, the product quote will be reported back to the customer within 24 hours, but the time will last longer if the customer does not know the basic requirements of the crane price quote.

What are the requirements for crane quotation?

What are the requirements for crane quotation?

Many customers contacting us are very confused about the requirements of a quotation, so, in order for customers to be active before requesting crane prices, we would like to give you the basic requirements. The following version for customers to understand and prepare in advance.

Select type of crane

The bridge has three types: single girder crane, double girder bridge, suspension crane. Depending on the load lifting and design of the factory, select the appropriate load.

- With small loads under 20 tons, customers should use single girder bridge to save cost.

- With a load of over 20 tons, select a double girder bridge crane that is suitable and optimize the working capacity of the crane.

- With a small, narrow, low-low workshop space, the suspension crane is the optimal choice to help maximize workshop space.

Maximum lifting weight

Customers need to clearly provide the maximum load information to be lifted so that we can provide standard lift to help you save investment costs.

Aperture travels across the steering wheel

The aperture is the horizontal distance of Pa steering wheel or it is the width of the workshop, the price will change significantly if the span of the crane is longer than the initial estimate of 1m or more.

Height lifting

The lifting height is calculated by the distance from the floor surface to the workshop to the highest point of the lifting journey. Provide accurate lifting height to calculate cable length, if without this parameter, if calculating excess, customers will lose an unnecessary cost when buying crane.

Price rails support if customers need

Some businesses already have ray support beams, there is no need to quote this product, but for businesses that first install a crane, it is required to quote the rail support. In order to quote the price, we require a factory length parameter to calculate the distance of moving the crane.

Control system

There are two control systems that are manual control or additional remote controls, if customers want, may require additional quotes of these two types of controls.

Installation location

Installation location will be related to the cost of transporting and installing equipment. So customers also need to provide full location information with us.

We - Quang Trung Industry Group pledged, all information exchanged between the company and customers is absolutely confidential. We also hope that customers can secure the price information provided by our unit and may consider investment decisions.

In case you need to support more detailed product information. Please contact our customer service department. Thank you!


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