The bold idea of ​​building a deep-water floating port ship of the ancient capital, Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong
16:24 - 16/09/2020 350

DNVN - The idea of ​​building a giant ship to function as a multi-purpose deep-water floating port for handling containers from ocean ships at any location on Vietnam's coast was Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong - Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO of Quang Trung Industry Group cherished for a long time. Thinking as doing, Mr. Cuong spent nearly 1,000 billion VND to make his dream come true.

In early 2011, Quang Trung Industry Group (now known as Quang Trung Mechanical Enterprise) proposed "Science and technology project to research, design and manufacture deep-water floating port ships for transshipment of goods" to the Ministry of Science and Technology. .

Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong said: “Due to the geographical conditions of the coast, our country has only a few deep-water ports that can accommodate ships of 30,000-300,000 DWT. If you want to exploit effectively the entire system of seaports and shallow river ports at present, there is nothing like building a deep-water floating port ship to transport goods ".

According to the design of Quang Trung Corporation, deep-water floating port ships have high mobility, flexible movement to meet the loading and unloading of goods from large ships at any position on the coast of Vietnam; Each floating port vessel is a module that can be linked together into a large port system.

In addition, the deep-water floating port ship of Quang Trung Corporation is also operated as a construction fleet on the sea with the ability to transport and sink large concrete structures into the correct position. , equipped with construction equipment to participate in the installation of oil rigs when, nationalist works of islands ... currently have to hire foreign contractors with unreasonably expensive costs.

In the face of the project's ability to effectively apply in practice, by mid-July 2011, the Ministry of Science and Technology has approved the state-level project of Quang Trung Group, implemented in the 2011 plan.

Present at the manufacturing plant of Quang Trung Industry Group in Uong Bi City (Quang Ninh), PV witnessed the deep-water floating port ship as high as a 7-storey building, 170 m long. on the ki. Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong - General Director of the Group said: “All funding of the Science and Technology Project is now our unit. Up to now, we have spent 902 billion VND. The Ministry of Science and Technology only supports a very small part to research and hire experts ”.

The project of Quang Trung Industry Group's deep-water floating port is not only approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology for a state-level scientific topic, but also supported by the Prime Minister, the leader of the Ministry of Transport ... On May 21, 2011, the Prime Minister visited and worked in Quang Ninh province. During this trip, the Prime Minister also visited the factory manufacturing lifting equipment of Quang Trung Corporation. Directing on the project of deep-water floating ports, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Transport to lead and coordinate with the Ministry of Science and Technology and relevant ministries to implement the project.

Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong said: “During the implementation, we encountered difficulties because the national technical regulations of shipbuilding industry did not have regulations for“ floating ports ”and“ multi-purpose floating ports ”. We find that the project is only economical when the product performs many functions: Container loading and unloading; making floating docks for ship building and repair; as a means of repairing marine structures, accessing marine structures and performing repairs in the floating state… ”.

According to the research of PV, to design multi-purpose floating port ships, Quang Trung Industry Group has invited many large scientists to participate in the design. The ship is calculated to be durable and qualified to manufacture and perform well in all weather. In other words, items for which there are no relevant standards, regulations or technical regulations have all been proven. Design documents have been completed ... It is hoped that in the near future, the deep-water floating port ship of Quang Trung CN Group will be launched to contribute to the import and export of goods.

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