Son La Hydropower: A place of Vietnamese spirit and force
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"With all pride, it can be said that the Son La hydroelectric project has continued to add" The long song of conquering the Da River "and has truly become a vivid expression of revolutionary heroism, self-reliance and self-reliance overcome difficulties to rise in the cause of building a glorious Vietnamese homeland "- Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said so at the inauguration ceremony of Son La hydropower project - hydroelectric project the largest in Southeast Asia

Son La Hydropower: A place of Vietnamese spirit and force

Not to mention the relentless efforts to complete the project, not to mention the savings of thousands of billion VND from bringing the project to the finish early, only counting how this work was built with sweat. , the blood and mentality of the Vietnamese people have seen a lot of pride.

Excellent finish 3 years ago

Son La hydropower project is a national important project, which has been surveyed, planned and designed in the eighties of the last century. Through more than 10 years of research, with the participation of more than 500 engineers and technicians specialized in surveying and designing, the pre-feasibility report of the project was prepared and submitted to the Government in 1996. December 2002, At the second session, the XIth National Assembly decided to approve the policy, tasks and progress of investment in the construction of Son La hydropower project in accordance with the planning of Da river hydroelectricity ladder including 3 steps: Hoa Binh - Low Son La - Lai Chau. According to the Resolution of the National Assembly and the Government 's investment decision, the Son La hydropower project must start construction in 2005, generate power generation unit 1 in 2012 and complete the project in 2015.

However, 3 years earlier than the deadline set by the National Assembly, on December 23, 2012, in Son La, this hydroelectric project was officially completed and connected to the national grid. By operating 3 years earlier than expected, each year the Son La hydropower project will generate revenue of 500 million USD, save more than 5 million tons of coal to produce the same amount of electricity.

Sharing about the reason for the project to "finish" as early as 3 years, Mr. Nguyen Hong Ha - Head of Son La Hydropower Project Management Board said: Usually, after being approved, the hydroelectric projects usually It takes about 2 years to prepare infrastructure such as road system in the construction site, power supply system, water supply for construction, communication, site clearance, building camps, auxiliary ... But with the determination to shorten the progress, with a sense of responsibility, dare to think, dare to do, EVN and the General Contractor - Song Da Corporation boldly proposed to the Government a solution to "prepare infrastructure before taking decisions. investment planning and design approval, combining the construction with the river compartment ”. This is a creative and unprecedented way in hydroelectric projects at that time. Up to the commencement date, there were 125km of roads, 2 concrete bridges across the Da River, nearly 200km of 110-220kV power transmission line, nearly 60,000m2 of housing for about 6,000 workers and a series of diversion works, upstream and downstream handle dikes… are completed. In addition, the migration and site clearance work have been actively implemented by the locality. To reserve land for the construction of Son La Hydropower Plant, more than 20,000 households have to move to a new resettlement site. However, ethnic minorities wholeheartedly support key projects of the State, so they all voluntarily give up land and move houses for construction. With thoughtful preparation, on the morning of December 2, 2005, Prime Minister Phan Van Khai officially issued an order to start the Son La hydropower project, as well as the first river prevention festival, opening the period of peak construction on site.

A place where Vietnamese minds and forces are united

A construction site that does not sleep, electricity is bright all night, buzzing with thousands of officers, engineers and workers working three shifts consecutively, excluding holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays - this place has become the point light on solidarity, unanimity, promoting self-reliance and self-reliance. Son La hydropower project is also the highlight of promoting domestic resources when it is completely designed and constructed by Vietnamese engineers and workers, foreign experts only play a supporting and supervising role. Vietnam Electricity is an investor, performing the role of project manager; There are more than 10 member contractors participating in the project construction by Song Da Corporation; hydro-mechanical equipment is manufactured by Vietnamese mechanical enterprises.

In the design process, the bold application of new science and technology, the decision to switch dam design from conventional gravity concrete to gravity dam design with roller compacted concrete structure (RCC) is also weak. important factor to help the project finish early. The Son La hydropower dam with a length of nearly 1km, the bottom width of the dam is 120m and the height of 138m is the main ring road of the project with a concrete volume of nearly 5 million m3. Therefore, if RCC technology is not applied, it will take nearly ten years for the project to be completed. RCC technology allows solving the most difficult problem when using conventional concrete, which is heat stress treatment, the cause of concrete cracking. In particular, Power Construction Consulting Company 1 has made important proposals to contribute to speeding up the project, including the use of fly ash in roller compacted concrete; It is proposed to adjust the dam site from the location of Ta Pu, Pa Vinh to the Pa Vinh 2 dam site to help not relocate about 10,000 residents of Muong La district. The use of fly ash, the waste material in thermal power plants, in roller compacted concrete has reduced the amount of cement used per cubic meter of concrete from about 200kg to 60kg, also has a great effect on the project. With this line, along with the support mist spraying system, maintained at a temperature of 220C, creating the necessary humidity to ensure the quality of concrete ... so the daily concreting productivity reaches 5,500-6,000m3, peak can reach 8,000m3 / day. In particular, despite the construction of roller compacted concrete technology on a large scale for the first time, Song Da Corporation has completed its goal ahead of time, Vietnam Machinery Erection Corporation has installed correctly and safely. 72 thousand tons of equipment of all kinds ... create conditions for the project to finish 3 years before. In addition, many other enterprises have made great contributions to the construction of Son La hydroelectric projects, such as: Construction and Infrastructure Development Corporation, Truong Son Construction Corporation, and Mechanical Research Institute. , Industrial Machinery and Equipment Corporation, Agricultural and Irrigation Construction Mechanical and Electrical Corporation, Quang Trung Group ... all contributed to exceed the project's progress. In addition, except for electromechanical equipment, 500kV distribution system and a part of hydraulic equipment, which must be imported (accounting for 19% of the project's investment capital), the remaining phases are consulting, designing and supplying equipment. mechanical engineering, construction, installation and completion of the project are done by the Vietnamese side.

Son La Hydropower, works of the century - the pride of the Vietnamese mind and force

In the Son La hydroelectric project, one of the "giant" equipment in both size and importance is a 1200-ton crane designed by Quang Trung Industry Group Joint Stock Company. Few people know that, to receive an "order" for this device, General Director of Quang Trung Group Nguyen Tang Cuong had to "bet" on all he had. Because if successful, it's okay, if unfortunately the equipment has technical problems, breaking the dam, 28 million people downstream, including the capital Hanoi, will be submerged in the sea. "At that time, I bet with all my life, assets and the title of Labor Hero to confirm that I could do it" - Mr. Cuong shared. And during the Roto release ceremony of Unit 1, when the 1,200-ton crane was raised, it was also a moment when Vietnamese intelligence sublimated that no one who witnessed the event could forget.
Unable to hide his pride, Mr. Hoang Quoc Vuong - Chairman of EVN's Board of Members shared: During the construction process, despite many difficulties and problems that seemed insurmountable, but by union linking, promoting initiatives, the ability to master science and technology of investors and contractors, the coordination with experts in many fields at home and abroad, the units on the site have surpassed all. to complete the project as of today. These include the design of the high leg crane, the low leg to both install, and dry test the valve to repair the deep outlet of the spillway, the water inlet repair valve door to ensure the progress of installation and testing. collection and use to meet the power generation schedule of Unit 1 while the construction of the dam, spillway, and intake is still under construction. Or is the adjustment of the transport plan across the left bank of the Hoa Binh dam in combination with the adjustment of the Da river water level at the downstream of Hoa Binh hydroelectricity to ensure safety and proactive transportation time such as a 280T heavy transformer, 210T heavy duty wheel, meeting the progress of installing the units in drought conditions in 2009-2010, when the Red River had the lowest water level in over 100 years.

Thus, after many years since the commencement of construction, the century project - the pride of the Vietnamese mind and force was officially completed. Here, the currents from this project will contribute a large part to the socio-economic development of the country. Perhaps for that reason, spring has really come early here.


- Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade -