The pump "does not end up flooded for no money" speeds up flow by 20 times
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With the commitment of "not getting flooded without taking money" from Quang Trung Industry Group Joint Stock Company, many readers ask more questions so that businesses can join hands to solve the flood prevention problem.

On the morning of September 29, talking with Tuoi Tre about a new type of flood protection for Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong, Chairman and General Director of Quang Trung Industry Group Joint Stock Company said, Anti-flooding pump systems can increase the flow rate in the sewer by about 20 times normal.

Speed ​​up the flow in the drain

Mr. Cuong also said that if using a normal pump to prevent flooding, the pressure to push water in the pump's drain could cause sewage to overflow onto people's houses.

Regarding where the water pump is pouring out, Mr. Cuong said the suction pump system designed by the company will connect the end of the old drainage sewer of the city and pump it into rivers and canals.

When the suction pump is operating, the flow rate in the sewer increases sharply, causing the flooded points to withdraw water quickly.

The suction pump is capable of pushing water out of the canal even though the water level in the sewer is lower than the water level outside the river. In addition, the head near the drain is fitted with a one-way valve to prevent water from flowing in from rivers and canals.

The suction pump includes the following parts: automatic garbage and garbage collection equipment; centrifugal pump assembly; one-way stop valve; cylinder collapsible valve; diesel-powered diesel engines; garbage discharge pipe; main drainage pipe and two auxiliary drainage branches.

Depending on the sewer area at the flooded sites, the above company will design the pump capacity accordingly.


According to the model, with a suction pump with a capacity of 96,000m3 / h, a pump pipe up to 14.5m long, the main sewer is 1.2 to 1.6m wide, and two auxiliary drainage branches 0.6m wide.

When the road is flooded, the pump and suction system will work to draw water to push the river, while not flooded the water in the sewer will flow normally through two branch pipes.

Mr. Cuong said that in addition to the function of absorbing water, pumping can also suck rubbish, soil and rock brought ashore to clear the sewer, reducing the cost of collecting garbage for the city. Centrifugal pumps can withstand acidic and salty water to avoid damage.

Mr. Cuong said that the anti-flooding system will be controlled automatically, employees just need to sit in the central room to operate all the pumps in the city.


Right direction

Mr. Ho Long Phi, a drainage specialist, said that the use of pumps as proposed by Quang Trung Industry Group Joint Stock Company has been applied by some countries around the world such as the US.

Mr. Phi also said that applying the above method of flood protection is the right direction. However, because this pumping equipment is also relatively complicated, it is difficult to assess the actual efficiency only through the preliminary operation mechanism, apart from the actual implementation.

If there are defects, in practice it can still be adjusted gradually to suit the conditions of garbage, sludge, even stones ... in the sewerage in Ho Chi Minh City.

According to Mr. Phi, concerns with the deployment of this system according to Mr. Phi because the suction power of the pump is quite large, so it is difficult to apply to old, rotten, open, collapsed sewers ...

Because operating in this condition, it is possible to absorb soil, sand ... around the openings, tanks outside the sewer causing soil collapse to create deep pits around the drain.

And Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Cong, director of the Center for the Operation of the City Flood Control Program, said that most of the sewer connection points have a closed layer, on the other hand, there is a layer of geotextile underneath the sewer, which will limit soil absorption. to the suction pump pipe.

Mr. Cong said that he had surveyed the drainage sewer line on Nguyen Huu Canh street to prepare the pilot installation of flood-proof pump.


- According to Tuoi Tre Newspaper -