Use a smart pump system to prevent flooding in Ho Chi Minh City
10:00 - 05/04/2021 146

After many years of research, Quang Trung Industry Group Joint Stock Company (Ninh Binh) has successfully manufactured a smart water pump system to prevent flooding for Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, this group has brought a team of "elite" engineers to the field in countries with high risk of flooding, typically the Netherlands for study and study.

Simple, economical solution

At the meeting with the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City in October, Quang Trung Industry Group Joint Stock Company (Quang Trung Group) presented a report on the content of pilot implementation of flood protection on Nguyen Huu Canh Street (Binh Thanh District). .

According to Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong - General Director of Quang Trung Company, the anti-flooding solution because the construction unit only needs to put the multi-purpose intelligent pump system that both absorbs water and scave the garbage in some locations. It is necessary to dig new culverts to install drains like many other flood protection projects.

Accordingly, the above intelligent anti-flooding system is designed with a versatile pump that can absorb water with a capacity of 96,000m3 per hour, operating on oil or electricity. The pump draws water from low to high, attaches directly to the city's existing sewers and pushes it out to sea. With this smart pump can drain water 10-20 times faster than the volume of natural flowing water.

Mr. Cuong affirmed that the fight against flooding in times of increasingly harsh climate change has become nothing for anyone. As a famous enterprise with many innovations in the mechanical industry, Mr. Cuong has spent a lot of time researching and studying the flooding situation of Ho Chi Minh City. In fact, many areas in the city are increasingly inundated, seriously affecting production and living of the people and causing enormous economic damage.

Meanwhile, many traditional anti-flooding projects are proving to be "helpless" before the tides and heavy rains occur abnormally. Therefore, Mr. Cuong and his team of engineers launched an initiative to create a multipurpose pump system to handle the city flooding emergency.

The principle that Mr. Cuong put forward when embarking on this project is that the business will advance the investment capital by itself, successfully pay the money, otherwise the business will bear the cost.

Smart anti-flooding

Talking with us, Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong said that from 7 years ago, he spent many billions of VND to research the "disease" inundation became "chronic" of Ho Chi Minh City, at the same time to visit and find to understand the inundation prevention works of developed countries. In recent years, people have found very effective solutions and technologies to early warn, prevent and avoid flooding, following the smartest trend of "living in harmony with nature".

Practical research in your country, Mr. Cuong analyzed, not only in Ho Chi Minh City but in the world there are many areas with lower terrain than sea level, but scientists and urban planners have find measures to prevent flooding ... extremely smart. Accordingly, Mr. Cuong brought a team of "elite" engineers to research and study in countries at high risk of flooding.

For example, in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, where 80% of the area is below sea level, the government has built "water squares" to be ready for storage during heavy rains or floods. . When it is dry, people can comfortably go to the amusement square, but when it rains, the square will become a regulating lake that can hold 1.7 million m3 of water. Currently, Rotterdam has 4 "water squares" like that.

Or New York City (USA) has used the technology "smart stopper" to prevent water from spilling into the underground or underground train system whenever a storm or flood occurs. This special device is spherical, measuring 10m x 5m. In the normal state, this "stopper" is like a deflated rubber ball, which can be placed in the hatches, the metro entrance without taking up too much space. In the event of an incident, the "deflating ball" immediately swells (thanks to the remote control), reaches a capacity of 130,000 liters (by a medium-sized swimming pool) and fits tightly into the mouth of the tunnel, preventing water from overflowing. Like the way we put a rubber stopper in the mouth of a bottle.

According to Mr. Cuong, in addition to "hard" measures such as building more flood protection and prevention works, architects and scientists have also devised many ways as we say, "living with floods", but there are extremely effective against flooding. For example, in the US, many localities have built "rain gardens", whereby trees will be planted in parks, parking lots, urban areas, along the streets ... to attract rainwater to avoid overloading the drainage system every time there is a storm.

With the formation of more and more urban areas, factories and land areas in Ho Chi Minh City, the area of ​​land in Ho Chi Minh City has been narrowed, making rainwater and flood tide only the way to overflow on the surface of concrete, asphalt, and flooding. into horror of the people of the city. 

Parallel to the foresight sluice construction works to prevent storm surges and drainage culverts, Mr. Cuong believes that with the solution of using a centrifugal pump located at the sluice gates, rivers and lakes, heavy rain or high tide will no longer exist. is people's obsession.

With a series of achievements and many contributions to the country, Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong has achieved the titles: Labor Hero of the doi moi era; Labor Medal, First, Second and Third Class; Vietnam Gold Star Award; Ho Chi Minh Prize for science and technology; Golden Globe; Bach Thai Buoi Award; Award for scientific and technological innovation; Independence Medal for the corporation; Labor Hero for the corporation; Cicotech Award with hundreds of certificates of merit from ministries, central and local ...


- According to Tien Phong Newspaper -