1748 / 5000 Kết quả dịch City People's Committee Chairman Nguyen Manh Ha visits Quang Trung Industry Group at the lifting equipment factory
15:12 - 06/02/2021 180

On June 24, comrade Nguyen Manh Ha, Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee, Chairman of the City People's Committee visited and worked at the lifting equipment factory under Quang Trung Industry Group. Accompanying are leaders of departments, divisions, units, leaders of a number of wards in the city.

In the program, Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong, General Director of the Company, directly welcomed and introduced to the delegation a number of products the Company is researching and manufacturing. Including products that apply modern technology solutions in smart urban construction, such as: intelligent drainage box system, manhole cover to increase water collection capacity, prevent garbage, prevent odors; LED street lighting system; solar lights ...

Visiting the factory, asking about working and production conditions of workers, Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha, Chairman of the City People's Committee, highly appreciated the efforts of the Board of Directors and workers of the Company in applying the initiative and improving to apply modern science and technology to the development of mechanical engineering. He emphasized that, at present, Uong Bi city is building in the direction of a modern, smart city, with the capacity and strengths of the Company, he hopes that the company will accompany and support the city. apply modern technology solutions in embellishment and urban construction.

He also proposed the Company to research and invest in machinery and equipment to support the city's people in raising aquatic products with high productivity and quality.

Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong, former General Director of Quang Trung Industry Group expressed his support and promised to accompany the city in the work of embellishment and building a smart and modern city.


- According to Quang Ninh Newspaper -