Technological capacity
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Quang Trung Industry Group constantly updates information on technology and supplements our manufacturing and researching Centre in Quang Ninh and Ninh Binh the most modern machines in the world. Especially since 2016, when 4G technology flourished in Vietnam, the Group invested trillions of dongs to replace a series of high-tech machinery produced from 2010 onwards by Siemens, Heidemain, Mazak, DMG, Moriseiki and heat-treated equipment from ISPEN (Germany)... Up to now, on an area of 92 ha in Quang Ninh and 20 ha in Ninh Binh, the Group has developed 7 manufacturing and researching centers for each production stage to serve the needs of large factories such as oil and gas, cement, hydropower, maritime.... Since then, Quang Trung Industry Group affirmed to satisfy all orders of customers.

All products of Quang Trung Industrial Group are designed and manufactured through 7 stages: design, embryo production, processing, heat treatment, assembly, testing, and factory distribution.


With nearly 30 years of experience in the field of designing and manufacturing lifting products, designing steel bridges and transportation utility works, irrigation works ... Quang Trung Industrial Group has professional design centers as following :

  • Technological design centre 1 and 2
  • Technological design centre 1 and 2
  • Ship design centre 1 and 2
  • Center Electricity - Automation 1, 2 and 3

Including technical design, technological design. Products design and manufacturing:

  • Mechanical details
  • Sample molds and casting molds
  • Cranes of all kinds
  • Electric power for cranes of all kinds
  • Ships and floating ports
  • Control cabinets

    A. Technological design centres

Technological design centres in Quang Ninh and Ninh Binh are equipped with modern assisstant machinery and softwares and have professional working environments. Products design capacity

  • Level-Luffing Crane with loading capacity up to 250 tons
  • Overhead cranes with loading capacity up to 1200 tons
  • Hydraulic electric crane with loading capacity up to 45 tons and other products such as gantry cranes, tower cranes, tire-wheel loader cranes, crawler cranes, container cranes and all other mechanical parts and details

    B. Ship design centres

Products design capacity:

  • Sea-going vesels, capacity 2 x 2250CV
  • Container ships, capacity 150 containers
  • Container ships running on the coast, carrying 120 tons and having loader cranes
  • Ships carrying from 15,000 tons to 53,000 tons
  • Floating works:
  • Floating cranes with loading capacity of 1,000 tons
  • Floating docks with loading capacity of 15,000 tons
  • Floating ports with loading capacity of 50,000 tons of goods
  • Coastal oil storage with loading capacity of 30,000 tons of oils

New drilling rig modules are built according to the approved design. Isuing registers from the International Association of Class Societies - IACS       

  1. Electricity – Automation centres

Not only ensure the transport of automation production lines, the Electricity - Automation Centres located in Hanoi, Ninh Binh and Quang Ninh are the units that design and install the control cabinet system for all types of overhead cranes, cranes, gantry cranes, level-luffing cranes, container cranes…


Based on 3D casting mold design drawings, the units will produce the exact sample molds to serve casting technology.   

Cast samples can be processed from styrofoam (styrofoam mold in gas-casting technology), wood, aluminum, which meets the design requirements from small and complicated sample molds with delicated patterns to the biggest sample molds with kích thước of 10000 x 6000 x 1000 mm


Quang Trung Industrial Group owns a medium frequency furnace system, with a capacity of 1- 25 tons / batch, with the most advanced advanced casting technologies such as

    • Gas chemical casting tachnology
    • Styrofoam sample casting technology
    • Vacuum casting technology
    • Puran mold casting technology
    • CO2 sand casting technology
    • Sand casting technology

We can cast hundreds of different steel grades, cast according to the exact requirements of customers, of the construction, cast complex molds, large weights around 40 tons in single or bulk.

According to requirements of customers, we accept casting products made of:

Products made of molded steel:

    • Heat-resistant steel up to 1300 Celcius dergees
    • Wear-resistant manganese steel
    • Wear-resistant Chromium steel
    • High tensile alloy steel

Products made of cast iron and alloy cast iron:

    • Gray cast iron
    • Alloy nodular cast iron: FC200, FC250, FC300, FC350, FC400

Products made of copper and alloy copper

Products made of aluminum and alloy aluminum...

With advanced casting technology, strict quality control system from design and machining stage to finished product, our casting products:

    • Meeting the requirements of products with complicated shapes and patterns with high presice level.
    • Being perfect on color, heat and humidity resistant ability
    • Being absolutely not rusted, faded, stained
    • Competent price on market


    Equipped with the best technology lines, the most advanced processing controlling and programming systems of famous brands such as Siemens, Heidemain, Mazak, DMG, Moriseiki ... produced from 2010 onwards, High-tech Center CNC (Computer Numerical Control) of the company is now appriciated as the most modern high-tech machining center in Vietnam . The centre can process all kinds of mechanical products, large sizes, diverse materials, any complicated patterns and details. We receive heat treatment according to customer requirements.


    Assemblied products of Quang Trung Group 

    • Meeting the requirements of products with complicated shapes and patterns with high presice level.
    • Being perfect on color, heat and humidity resistant ability
    • Being absolutely not rusted, faded, stained
    • Competent price on market


Equipped with a high-tech heat treatment line system of ISPEN (Germany) - brand that leads the global market for heat treatment technology, the unit's high-tech heat treatment centre can immediately take responsible for the heat treatment process of mechanical details right after precise cutting process, ensure a closed production process, unify strict standards. Heat treatment technologies of the unit:

    • Vacuum heat treatment
    • Nitriding heat treatment
    • Carbonized heat treatment
    • Cabon Nitrogen gas heat treatment
    • We receive heat treatment according to customer requirements



    To maximize the quality and reputation of output, the Center for industrial testing and inspection of Quang Trung is equipped with the most modern specialized equipment such as: ultrasonic welding machine, hard gauge, plating thickness gauge, metal chemical composition analyzer ... All mechanical products of Quang Trung have to undergo strict quality testing and inspection process in accordance with national technical standards on design, construction, installation of mechanical equipment, before shipment and to customers.
    In 2010, Quang Trung Industrial Group started construction of the Institute of High Technology Application and Transfer with special attention and support from the Government. When completed, the Institute will be a scientific organization specialized in high-tech research and application into production, a bridge to transfer prestigious technology between Vietnam and the world.