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In 2011, Quang Trung Industry Group, JSC officially signed the contract No.112/2011/HĐ-HHC-CKQT with Hua Na Hydropower, JSC to implement Bidding package No. 69.3: Supply and installation lifting equipment for Hua Na hydropower project.



The exclusive contractor provides lifting equipment for the whole main project of Hua Na Hydropower


Project scale of Hua Na Hydropower plant

Hua Na Hydropower construction built on Chu river, located in Dong Van, Que Phong district, Nghe An province. The plant is invested by Hua Na Join Stock Company, with a total budget of VND 7.000 billion, a reservoir of 5.345 km2, CVC concrete dam, a 3.812,9 meter water tunnel, 7.5 meter diameter, 180MW capacity with 2 assemblies.

The plant is located in the middle area of Chu river, which is the upper step of Cua Dat – Thanh Hoa irrigation, hydropower construction; thus, the project met many difficulties, complicated when implement. Hua Na Hydropower is one of the main projects in Central Viet Nam, with the longest tunnel in the history of Viet Nam hydropower project. The role of the plant is to help solve the shortage of electricity situation, to facilitate the economic development of Nghe An and neighboring provinces.

 Hua Na hydropower project was commenced on March 28, 2008. As directed by the investor and project manager – Hua Na Hydropower Join Stock Company, the whole project progress will be 5 years. Therefore, to reach the target of generating electricity in accordance with the commitment of investor, all employees and contractors are arranged as the organization to enhance maximize production efficiency.

On March 8, 2011, Quang Trung Industry Group, JSC officially received the invitation from the investor as the main contractor and the sole manufacture of all lifting equipment for the whole Hua Na Hydropower plant project.


"Hot as fire" days of Quang Trung

It has been over half the construction time of Hua Na Hydropower project, but it seems that project items are being delayed four months compared to the plan. Moreover, due to complexically geological, the tunnel has to handle reinforced to hundreds of m3, affecting directly the progress of the works. In order for the construction unit to complete the items in accordance with the original objectives, the investor shall mobilize contractors, especially contractors of Quang Trung Industry Group, to speed up the production time.

According to the contract, Quang Trung is responsible for fabricating 4 cranes as following details:

  • Overhead traveling crane, lifting capacity 320/32 + 10 tons, span Lk=22m
  • Gantry crane with sliding door 110/2 + 15 tons, span Lk = 18.5m
  • Downstream gantry crane 2 x 10T, Lk = 3.5m
  • Gantry crane, lifting capacity 2 x 20T, Lk = 4m

As the request of the investor, the time of no-loading of unit no.1 will be in September and unit no.2 will be in December, 2012 to ensure the units are checked in time, avoid errors or delays in operation causing affect project progress.

Although the contract for manufacturing lifting appliances are officially signed by the owner with Quang Trung from March, 2011 with the quantity is 4 cranes; however, under the pressure of the investor, whole employee of the unit try their best to work effectively, enthusiasm. The difficult “hot as fire” days again and again is completed by Quang Trung.

After the lifting appliances was transported quickly to the construction, gradually the items were speeding up, using the goat crane to open/close repair valve, trouble valve, the door of tunnel weight hundreds of ton were installed in the right position, all of which were safely loaded.

Finally, two torsion chambers of two generators, a 320-ton lift tower, were installed to install the clamping unit into the torsion chamber. By lifting the rotor weighing 280 tons, the diameter of 6850 mm, 1708 height to the installation site is the tubine’s well.

By successfully lifting Rotor safely, accurately under the presence of investor and the insultancy, supervisory unit, the high qualification of the Quang Trung Industry Group’s staff has confirmed.


By positive cooperation from Quang Trung Industry Group together with the close guidance of Hua Na Hydropower plant’s investor, at 19h30 on February 1, 2013, unit no.1 with capacity of 90 MW of the Hua Na Hydropower Plant, Que Phong District, Nghe An Province has officially generated electricity and connected the national grid.  Thereafter, unit no.2 will also operate in the first quarter of 2013 to complete the national grid to ensure the progress.

With the success of the Hua Na Hydropower Project, Nguyen Tang Cuong, General Director of Quang Trung Industry Group, received not only the Ho Chi Minh Award in 2012 for his positive contributions to science and technology and the national key projects. Moreover, Quang Trung  also received the Certificate of Competitive Marks of Vietnam.