Completion of the construction project of Pake Dam for the purpose of preventing flood in 2018
15:33 - 13/11/2019 1419

In July 2018, Quang Trung Industrial Group officially participated in the construction of Dam of Pake hydroelectric plant, Lao Cai

Pake Hydroelectric Plant Dam Project for the purpose of preventing flood in 2018

Pake hydropower project exploits hydropower source on Chay river, the construction site is located in the part of San Chai commune - Si Ma Cai district - Lao Cai province and Pa Vay Su commune - Xin Man district - Ha Giang province. The plant has a basin of 1,140 km2, an area of ​​the lake: 1,659 km2, a reservoir capacity of 31,41 million m3, and an installed capacity of 26 MW with two units. Average annual salary: 96.4 Million Kwh. Total investment: 875.63 billion VND.

Pake hydroelectric plant completed in the fourth quarter of 2018 has partially met the electricity demand for the region, reducing the shortage of electricity in the system, especially during peak hours, contributing to the career national economic development. On the other hand, the project also promotes many other economic sectors, improves regional transportation infrastructure, creates more jobs, contributes to the goal of poverty reduction for ethnic minorities in the project area.

Pake Hydroelectric Plant Dam Project for the purpose of preventing flood in 2018

The successful flood control at Pake hydropower project in 2018 affirmed the professionalism in managing investment projects and construction capacity in the field of construction of hydropower plants in Vietnam.
Especially in the Pake hydropower project, there must be the presence of Quang Trung Industrial Group Joint Stock Company in this special project. At the project, on the side of Quang Trung Group, providing 80 / 20T cranes according to the design, providing structural parts in concrete, organizing the installation, operating and handing instructions, and at the same time guaranteeing and accepting the cranes. Axle at the project with the following specifications:
- Loading capacity: 80/20 tons
- Aperture: 14.5 m
- Height of main hook lifting: 28m
- Height of auxiliary hook lifting: 33m
- Manufacturing design based on TCVN 4244 - 2005
Supplying 80 / 20T crane for Pake hydroelectric plant project is one of many successful projects at Quang Trung Industrial Group Joint Stock Company, thereby confirming the title of Labor Hero, the trust of the Party and the State in the field of designing and manufacturing cranes.

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