Lai Chau Hydropower Project
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Lai Chau Hydropower Project in Nam Nhun district, Lai Chau province has total investment of VND 40,000 billions, is a special-level construction and belongs to the national-focus project. It is the third largest scale construction being built on Da River, ranking behind Son La and Hoa Binh Hydropowers.


Quang Trung “breaks” geographic obstacles with Lai Chau Hydropower

Following the success from Son La Hydropower, Quang Trung immediately receives a direction from the Prime Minister which is continuously to install and manufacture high-loaded cranes to serve the construction of Lai Chau Hydropower – the third largest scale hydropower project on Da River.

The difficulty of Lai Chau Hydropower construction is that its geographical location is on a rough area with bumpy transportation road. How to transport weighing equipment to construction site is an unsolvable problem that almost all enterprises feel depressed or even give up.


However, this is a challenge  as well as a chance for Quang Trung Industrial Group to create and prove its ability and intelligence. With a crane system that weighs thousands of tons and requires transportation during rushing times, Quang Trung once again makes the science and technology world admire because of shock. So what did they do to swim upstream?

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A tough journey of a 1,200-weigh crane from Uong Bi – Quang Ninh to Lai Chau Hydropower

Lai Chau Hydropower Project in Nam Nhun district, Lai Chau province has total investment of VND 40,000 billions, is a special-level construction and belongs to the national-focus project. It is the third largest scale construction being built on Da River, ranking behind Son La and Hoa Binh Hydropowers.

Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong (in striped shirt on right hand side) – Chairman of Director Board of Quang Trung Group in the signing ceremony for supplying Cranes to Lai Chau Hydropower

Successfully signing the Lai Chau Hydropower project with Quang Trung Industrial Group

On 06/08/2013, Quang Trung officially signed on Contract No. 33/2013/DAT ĐSL-KH-HĐ with Vietnam Electricity Corporation – EVN – a subordinate unit managing two Lai Chau and Son La Hydropower projects. According to the contract, Quang Trung would implement 3TB biding package including “Designing, machining and cranes operation guiding”. The project of Lai Chau Hydropower construction is located in Nam Nhun town, Nam Nhun district, Lai Chau province.

In this project, Quang Trung needs to machine and transport 1 large-scaled overhead crane with load capacity of 1,200 tons, 1 crippling crane and 1 gantry crane with specific load capacity as follow:

  • Providing 02 sets of intermediate cranes with load capacity of 560/90 + 10 tons, Lk = 28m. When linking 02 sets of intermediate cranes, they will become 1 big crane with a load of 1,120 tons.
  • Providing 01 intermediate crane with load capacity of 250/32+10 tons, Lk=30,5m
  • Providing 01 gantry crane with load capacity of 2x130/2x20+10 tons, Lk=9,5m

Right after signing the contract, the collective of employees of Quang Trung Industrial Group immediately starts manufacturing. Having experiences of machining 1,200-tons crane and crippling crane from Son La Hydropower plant, in March of 2015, Quang Trung quickly completed 1,200-tons crane as plan.

However, the transportation of 2,000-tons gigantic crane is impossible with current road infrastructure. If transporting by waterway, it is too hard to pass the 2 Hydropower of Hoa Binh and Son La.

Many days have passed and every single solutions given is impossible and the transportation gradually comes to a standstill. Meanwhile, if this crane arrives the factory only 10 days late, the whole construction will be delayed for 1 year due to the transition between rainy season and dry season and the country will lose up to VND 4 thousand billions.

The transportation cannot be delayed any more. Whatever the situation can be, the crane must be transported and the most feasible method would be waterway transportation.

The days of concerning and then going upstream of Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong with his thousand-ton crane.

A tough journey on a long road transferring the crane with load capacity of 1200 tons to Lai Chau Hydropower plant is still engraved in Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong’s mind as if it was just happened yesterday.

 As in memory, when the crane is transported to Chuong Duong bridge area, Hanoi, all of 2000 tons of machinery and equipment get stranded because the water level on Red River is only 80cm at that time. Although the unit has asked for help and Hoa Binh Hydropower has discharged its water with maximum capacity, the water level only rise 20cm and the ship is still standstill.


Gantry crane with load capacity of 2x130/2x20+10 tons designed and produced by Quang Trung Group

As a light flashing at the end of the tunnel, the idea of floating the equipment by plumping Nitrogen inside the crane of Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong is considered as a salvage for the entire project. However, this spectacular idea is still in obstacle because the Management Board is afraid that equipment quality after drenched would be affected.

Do not give up, Mr. Cuong continues persuading the Management Board of Lai Chau Hydropower by exactly calculating and assuring that the quality of the crane will not be influenced when floating them.

As expected, within a short time, all of 2000 tons of equipment is transported to Hoa Binh Hydropower. Mr. Cuong directs his employees to use lifting equipment to lift the crane up through the dam and then continue to float the equipment upstream to Son La Hydropower and one again lift the equipment through Son La hydropower dam, and soon the gigantic crane reaches its destination – Lai Chau Hydropower.

According to Mr. Cuong, the production of the crane does not make him worry as much as its transportation does. On these days, losing appetite and lacking sleep together with pressure from investors on time, progress and equipment quality make him sleepless every night.

With his contribution and scarification for the country’s mechanics, Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong is honorably the first and only person receiving Ho Chi Minh award in field of technical science, crane design and production.

In that way, the “steel king” one time has become a labor hero in renewal period, one of the 100 Vietnamese outstanding businessmen. He is honored with hundreds of awards such as first, second and third rank medals and Vietnam Gold Star for the contribution of the collective of employees of Quang Trung Industrial Group.

However, these awards and achievements are only some small encouragement because there is a long journey ahead for him to guide Quang Trung step by step to be a Vietnamese mechanical production brand equal to international brands.

Quang Trung has “fate” to big projects

Making hay while the sun shines, Quang Trung continuously makes the bids for production of lifting equipment in series of big projects such as Dong Nai 3, Dong Nai 4, Tranh River, Huoi Quang, Chat Hamlet, Hua Na…


Close-up operation of gantry crane 100% produced in Vietnam here

Maybe many people think that Quang Trung Industrial Group is fortunate to be entrusted most of national-focus projects.

Or Quang Trung bloomed in time as the Government created conditions for domestic mechanical enterprises to gradually improve their capacity, leading to master the technology of designing and manufacturing equipment for power plants, and promoting the domestic mechanical industry.

>> The answer is correct, with a business that inherently has the potential for technology, facilities and people like Quang Trung, and there is only one missing thing which is an opportunity. However, more opportunities come with greater challenges, thus more completing pressure will increase

A typical example is the opportunity from the Son La hydropower plant project, would any enterprise dare to receive a project to build a 1200-ton crane while they have never produced such a large device themself?.

Can anyone dare to bet on the lives of relatives and families and 28 million people downstream if the transport of the giant crane in Lai Chau hydropower project occurs accidents?.

The recklessness and confidence in his ability is a premise for Quang Trung to gain trust and prestige from other units and then the so-called "fate" with big projects later is also natural.

Conclusion: Success with the crane manufacturing brand of No. 1 in Vietnam today is a worthy and undeniable reward of Quang Trung Industrial Group.

Memorable images recorded in Lai Chau Hydropower Project. 


Installing rotos in Lai Chau Hydropower by Quang Trung crane 



 Quang Trung “break” geographic obstacles with Lai Chau Hydropower





Installing rotos weighing thousands of tons in machinery unit No. 1 in the end of 2014 to timely generate power 3 months earlier than plan


Level-Luffing Crane model QT01


Initial scene before installing rotos

Lai Chau hydropower plant construction began to form as in design in October 2014